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“Women have been trained to speak softly and carry a lipstick. Those days are over.”

― Bella Abzug


Women are taught to shrink themselves. To accommodate. To adjust... to be everything to everyone - setting themselves on fire to keep everyone else warm - the all star employee, the perfect mother, the best friend, the super model - flawless.

This pressure makes us lose direction, and ourselves, leaving us feeling numb, directionless, like we’re not really living and asking “is this all there is?”

At wild soul living, we understand that life conditions us to believe certain things and follow certain paths. But for some of us, fitting into the boxes and the life we’re told to live, steals our passion.

For us, empowerment means embracing your experience - challenges big and small - and living your life to it’s fullest.

Tucked inside each of us is the desire to grow, to soar, to thrive. You’re strong, brave, and resilient. Now is the time to break from the confinement of the day-to-day, and take back your life with Wild Soul Living.

We’ll guide you along your journey, with unique opportunities to recharge, give you the tools and resources you need to empower yourself and reclaim what makes you you, so can embody your essence as a strong, passionate woman.

Unchained: A Journey to the Soul from Head to Heart

Unchained is a soul-awakening account of life after childhood trauma, of one woman choosing to let go of who she thought she was so she could become who she was meant to be.


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High Level Container

Small group. High level coaching + courses to awaken you to your fullest power.

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Sacred Immersion

Private coaching to dive deep into the container that is YOU to help you unapologetically rise.

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Digital DIY

Courses & More, on your terms, to help you raise your vibe and change your life. 

The Inside Out Challenge

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

Exploring our inner world allows us to understand WHAT is happening in our physical world



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The Podcast

It is not easy to define yourself outside of life’s conditioning.

Wild Soul Confidential podcast is for purpose driven women who want to live more meaningful lives.

A wild soul woman is a free-spirited woman who harnesses her inner power and trusts her intuition.

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Tonya: Uncensored

Gifted with words and story telling, follow Tonya's blog where she shares stories from her own life as well as writes for women who are unchaining themselves from life conditioning. 

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Driven By Purpose

Learn more about the people and mission of Wild Soul Living.

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