Wild Soul Living

We help purpose driven women live more meaningful lives, whether it's to discover who you really are, reclaim your power, create a life or business you love and dream about.


Our mission is to inspire the human spirit within each soul, community, country we interact and engage with. 


By rekindling our inner fire we live more passionate and purposeful lives. 


By reconnecting with nature and the world around us we inspire people to awaken to the true purpose of living and that is to truly live, not merely exist.

Hi, I'm Tonya 

Founder & Guide

In my quest to reclaim my own personal power, I uncovered ancient wisdom and practises that helped me understand my modern struggles. They changed my life. And I founded Wild Soul Women (living) to help others reclaim their power blending ancient techniques for a modern world.


Hi, I'm Tracy

President & CEO 

Through the teachings of Wild Soul Women, I reclaimed my personal power. I became a partner in the organization because I wholeheartedly know this work is needed worldwide.


Through Our Work

We help purpose driven women unapologetically rise into the greatest versions of themselves. We break down walls, ceiling, limits within women that have been conditioned through generations of shrinking. We see it everyday in our work - from bedrooms to boardrooms - even the strongest, most empowering women are carrying seeds that holding us back in ways we don't even realize. 

We work harder, still have to fight to sit at tables we should be of the head of.

The future is female and Wild Soul Living is here to help women step into their greatest power, live in possibility and rise into the greatness in which we were born for. 

We are in crisis because of our disconnect from the earth, each other and ourselves. Blending ancient wisdom, reclaiming our birthright of queendom, clearing the past and setting our arrows on the future we want to live, Wild Soul is a way of life, not a product. If you want to thrive, you've got to give up what weighs you down - beliefs, behaviours, past experiences, fear, and doubt. 

We are deeply connected to the earth, passionate about people and the planet so we give back to the earth by planting trees for every woman we coach to her greatness, as a standing legacy of her willingness to rise

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