Tonya Talks

Inspirational, Keynote, Breakout Speaker

Facilitator, Workshop Leader. 

Tonya's unique ability to grip an audience leaves them profoundly impacted, engaged in an eye opening, mind blowing, soul awakening experience that inspires them to live their best lives.

Tonya's ability to put into words what people think and feel in a modern world that has cut off wisdom and true power is riveting. 

Her talks inspire people from all ages, backgrounds, companies to look within, to slow down to go faster, to awaken to possability, to overcome anything. 

Her core message of "it's not what happens to you it's what you do with it that matters" speaks to people who are craving depth, meaning, inspiration, passion in a world that's become comfortably numb. 

What People Say

"You Always Seem to Say Exactly What I Need To Hear! "

Tanya Barron

"She’s Real, Brave & pure heart! She is a warrior and she is a woman! I would highly recommend Tonya!"

Debbie McGrath

"Heard Tonya at One Fearless Women...a real inspiration!"

Cynthia Roxanne

"Tonya is a wonderful motivator; She is a warrior and she will help you find your love of life, your inner voice and your passion for change. "

Connie Fewer

Some of Tonya's Keynotes

Reach out for a full listing of keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions available. Tonya also custom designs sessions for corporations, not for profits, and groups.


Reclaiming Your Personal Power


Growing Through Discomfort


Shifting From Fear To Courage 

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