Despacho Ceremony

One upon a time, we had rites of passage, initiation, ceremonies to weave beginnings and endings... 

But we've lost that in the Western World. 

Wild Soul Women is about blending ancient wisdom with modern strategies, including ceremonies to honour where we are and where we going. 

Incan Tradition 

In the Incan culture, despacho is completed to honour and feed our beginnings, cut cords to our endings, feed our dreams and fuel our goals. 

Fee: $200

Why Do One?

Despacho is a specific ceremony that can be done for any number of things - new marriage, new business, travel, next phase of your life - to infuse blessings and feed the dreams with the power of the universe. 

Also, they are used for endings, to close out and energetically end what is complete, cycles, phases, relationships, careers, etc. 

Despachos are a powerful way to move from one phase to another, honouring nature, fuelling your dreams from the universe, divine blessings. 

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