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In This Mini Course you will learn... 

Everything we do we do for a reason. Every result we have is a result of underlying programming. 

Want to lose the weight, and keep it off?

Want to finally quit smoking?

Have an emotional habit, behaviour, or belief that isn't serving you?

Anything in your life is changeable. 

And it starts with changing your beliefs, not the problem.  

The problem isn't the problem, it's the result of a problem. 

The problem we "see" (the weight, the money, the relationship) is a symptom of a problem it's not the actual problem.

Mind twist, right?

But it's true. The problem you have (the result) is a symptom of a bigger, underlying pattern or problem that you likely can't see because it's in your blind spot (subconscious). 

You haven't drawn the connection.  

Upgrade your programming, change your results. 

Most programs focus on the problem, which is really a symptom of a problem. 

When you focus on the problem by treating the surface problem 

  • Cutting up your credit card
  • Going on a strict diet 
  • Ending a relationship 
  • Shutting down emotionally 

It never lasts because the problem wasn't dealt with, the symptom was. And until we deal with that root problem, we will keep repeating symptoms. 


And You're Ready To:

  • Stop starting over
  • Stop ending up where you started! 
  • End the cycle 
  • Deal with the root of the problem 


Then Embody is for you!

You're already embodying what you have. Our programming creates our reality. 

If you want to create change, you have to EMBODY it. Embody what you want, not what you don't want. 

What's Included

  • One hour training video with actionable items
  • Trackable worksheets 
  • Support for Questions

Dana Boldt

I love this course. It's short and simplifies a very important process. I always tried to go from results to beliefs but this process helped me slow it down, understand the behaviours. Now I'm excited to tackle some habits I was ignoring! I loved this course!"

Change Your Beliefs Change Your Life


Embody will take you on a deep inner journey, helping you understand that it's your beliefs and programming that needs to be change in order to truly change your problems. 

It's not you. 

You CAN create change. You CAN change. You have just never been taught THIS.  

All you have to do is SAY YES! I'll walk you through the rest. 

Andrea Hounsell

I loved so much of this course... especially the "what if we stop making it so hard" conversation. I can apply this to so many aspects of my life. I love the humour displayed, it makes change more fun! I really learned how a life long problem could really be an easy solve.

Mini Course


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Victoria Cernjak

This is such a great "reminders" course for me and I think a great starting place for so many. It reminded me how easy change can be if we let it.