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I began my own journey asking big questions like “how did I get here?” and “why do I keep doing this?” And I was led on a wild journey deep within, that led me to the experiences, beliefs, conditions that we all experience.

Some people’s experiences, like my own, were traumatic and painful. So I did the only thing I new how to do. I packed away, put in the box, put that back into the recesses of my mind and became determined that wouldn’t be my story.

I pretended, denied, lived a lie, unable to own my story and find my power within it, my story owned me, causing me to hide, wear masks, and pretend. I lived a life that looked good on the outside but one that felt empty and lonely on the inside. 

Until I unpacked my experiences, faced my darkness, and allowed it to become my greatest teacher. I took back my story and my power by reconnecting to my own soul, my ethnicity, and began living a life that is in alignment with the real me, connected to nature, animals, all that is, ancient wisdom, divine feminine, something greater than me, you, us as we bring back a deeper soul connection to our own lives and the planet.

As I healed my own life, found my true purpose (to help women reclaim their power while blending modern strategies and ancient wisdom), Wild Soul Women was birthed, put into the world to fill a void where the modern world is failing us – women are more stressed, sicker, disconnected than ever before.

Wild Soul Women is about clearing away what’s causing you to live a life that you don’t love, to release what’s holding you back, to reclaim your power that’s from it, to redefine who you are and the life you’re here to live.

 Some women are burned by the fire. Some women, wild women, are born in that fire.

We’re here to help you navigate the flames and light your way back to you.

Professional Bio

Tonya feeds her fire by helping others find their own. She’s a Wild Soul, a healer, a teacher and a student.

As a survivor of childhood trauma, Tonya lives her healing journey every day. Overcoming her fear, self-doubt and soul damage from her trauma by sharing her journey with her tribe is an integral component of her approach to helping others heal.

As a Trained & Board Certified Coach under world Renowned Life & Business Strategist, Tony Robbins & Chloe Madanes, World Leader in Innovation & Family Therapy,  Tonya blends modern techniques with ancient wisdom and traditional healing practices to help clients identify and overcome their emotional blocks and re-pattern unhealthy behaviours.

In addition she has trained and studied under shamans, sages, global leaders in positive psychology, human behaviour, ancient wisdom, wild women medicine.  She holds a degree in Sociology and English, a diploma in Criminology and is currently studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming and working on a trauma certifications.

As a sought-after speaker, workshop provider and leader of regional and international wellness retreats, Tonya helps women find their voice and connect with their personal power.

As an author, Tonya shares her passion for and expertise in creating empowered change through her blog, Tonya, Uncensored. Her highly-anticipated first book, Unchained, is currently in the process of being published.

As a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist, Tonya’s approach to helping people live better honours the balance of mind, body and soul.

When she’s not helping others, Tonya can be found world travelling, reading ALL the books, exploring the woods with her fellow wild souls, romping with her dogs (she’ll romp with yours, too!), and always, always learning.


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