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Rewild Your Soul - At Home

Turn off the outside noise and go inward - at home. 

Lockdowns, travel restrictions, fear, isolation, zoom fatigue, too little of what lights you up has left you feeling drained, exhausted, and going through the motions everyday. 

Beat the Blah's 

Take a day, or two, for yourself, to lay down this year, and anything else you're carrying, and rewild your spirit, reignite the spark within and come back to you. 

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In this at home retreat

You will be guided step by step on the process of setting up your own sacred space to do your own sacred work. 

Guided shamanic journeys will allow you transcend the mind and enter the realm of soul - where the real you lives. 

Guided journal prompts allow you find, go deep, into releasing what you've been feeling that you might not even realize you are. 

A releasing ritual and journey provides you the clearing space to let go, to truly feel it released from your body on a cellular level. 

You are guided into creating the you that you are really. Complete with heart accessing journey to find yourself, journal prompts, you'll be quickly rebuilding YOU. 

With bonuses like chaos dancing, sound healing, ritual bath, rest, suggested nutrition you will emerge from the day feeling like the best version of yourself!


Open Space

With step by step guidance, your space will FEEL sacred.

Let Go

Journal + Journey your way to letting go!


Journey + Journal your way to your soul.


Move through chaos with a releasing dance

Ritual Bath

Take a ritual salt bath and restore yourself.


Rebalance your energy field with a sound bath.

What You Get: 

  • Short Instruction Video's
  • Shamanic Journeys
  • Journal Prompts
  • Ceremonies opening & closing space
  • Chaos Dance 
  • Suggested Nutrition Plan 
  • Recommended Schedule
  • Salt Bath  
  • Product recommendations (not essential) to elevate your experience 


  • Sound Healing 
  • Power Affirmations 
  • Dear Self Letter


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Save $100

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