How do you describe magic?

Weaving an experience from start to finish, building breaking down, building, going within, deepening, moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary with a group of wild soul women on a journey together is mind blowing, soul opening experience as we release, reclaim, redefine YOU!

Find Your Fire 

Inside each of us is a desire to grow and to thrive — but life can sometimes reduce our raging fires to flames that flicker in doubt.

Life is ridden with challenges, big and small. Around the world, women today especially are pressured to be everything at once — the perfect mother, the all-star employee, the best friend, the supermodel.

Often, these pressures make us lose direction, and cause our grip on life to slip. When we fall out of touch with our true selves, we’re left asking, “who am I? Where did the ‘real me’ go?”

It’s time to gather your embers, embrace your experiences and light your way back to who you really are.

Return To Your Wildness 

Our practice isn’t a product — it’s a way of living. At Wild Soul Women, female empowerment means embracing your experience — challenges and all — and living your life to its fullest.


Tucked inside each and every one of us is the desire to grow, to soar, to thrive — and for too long these sparks of life have lain dormant. You’re strong, brave, and resilient. Now is the time to break from the confinement of the day-to-day, and take back your life with Wild Soul Women.

Pick Your Experience

From private experiences, day events, weekend retreats to week long International Adventures - see what we've got in store to unleash the Wild Woman in YOU!

Peru: Unleash, Reclaim, Redefine


Wild Soul Women Newfoundland

Dates to be announced *see details* & join wait list for next Newfoundland retreat.

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Some journeys are meant to be taken alone. Or with your own people.

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"In one weekend, I've regained the spark back in my eye. I have seen a truth about myself that I had long forgotten. I have more insight into what is needed to find happiness and deep inner peace. I know with certainty this is the start of something huge for me - a true transformation!"

Devon Conway

"I can't believe it's been only 48 hours! My life is forever changed!"

Kate Rowsell
Business Owner

"We aren't meant to do this work alone. We all need someone to help us see what's in our blind spot, what we can't see and to keep us accountable. We need someone to listen to us, support us and cheer for us. We need our tribe of sisters."

Pam Brown

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