14 Day Lean Mind Lean Body Mini Mindset Challenge

The 14 Day Mini Mindset Course is all about showing you a new way to view your fitness, nutrition and weight loss without feeling overwhelmed.

I know when a new concept or completely new way of doing things presents itself, even when it's a GREAT idea, it can seem overwhelming.

Which is why I created the 14 Day Mini Mindsetset Course.  It lays everything out for you in an easy to follow guide.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Suggest Meal Plan
  • Suggested Workout Plan
  • Mini Mindset Shifting

In the Mindset shifting we will send you an email each day there is a mindset question reminding you of what you need to do for the day and how to answer the question!  The questions are presented to make you think.

When ee win, we celebrate.  When we fail, We Ponder.  And When we Ponder, we figure out new solutions to old problems - Tony Robbins

By forcing you to think about why you're doing what you're doing, you'll uncover patterns and habits that have been sabatoging you your whole life that you've never before been aware of!  

Once your eyes are open, it's impossible to close them again.  The things you'll see will change your entire perception of weight loss, how you've been doing it until now and how even the smallest of mindset changes can impact your entire life!

I have much deeper programs like the Lean Mind, Lean Body Course, which is a FULL version of this one, done over 30 days.  And a Transformation Blueprint, for people who are ready for the deeper digging and deeper transformation work that is involved in changing your old habits and patterns into new ones.  

The 14 Day program is ideal for people who are just learning about Fitness Mindset and realizing that there IS something more than just that you don't like exercise and salad, right?  I mean, when you're into the routine of it, you love how it makes you feel.  

As soon as you heard that there is something underneath that you knew it was the truth, didn't you? 

We've all fallen prey to the fad diets and the quick fixes.  We've all lost weight, only to regain it, even when we promised ourselves we never would again.  And then we sometimes even stop trying because we're so unsure if we can actually do it, we fear failing, again.  We fear not being able to do it, again.  We are frustrated, devestated, again.  

I promise, and I know this from personal experience, that when you change how you view fitness and nutition, when you change how you view yourself and identify what's underneath it all, everything shifts and changes.  Long term commitment becomes easy.  Showing up 100% for your workout becomes easy.  Eating healthy and not feeling like you're missing out, comes easy.

Aren't you ready for that?

Don't you wish you could fall in love with a healthy lifestyle, have tons of energy, do all the things you've always wanted to do, including get fit?

Join me for 14 Days as I walk you through a Mini Mindset Course - an introduction to Fitness Mindset, which includes a healthy eating and fitness plan.

Are you ready to show up for yourself?



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