TW Training Vault

TW Fitness helped thousands of people with their weight, physical fitness, nutrition and fitness mindset. 

While we no longer operate the traditional programs we once did, we recognize the thousands of hours that went into coaching, helping, designing and transforming the lives of those who joined Tonya on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

We are always getting asked if we'll be coming back to the Fitness world and while Tonya would love to keep helping in that area, it's only a portion of what she does now. And she helps people more now with the mindset of fitness, the emotional charges behind why we struggle and helping overcome eating disorders, body image, and weight loss struggles by uncovering what's really going on.

Tonya recognizes that once we have our emotional patterns and mindset sorted, we still need help with the physical fitness and what to eat side of things. 

Tonya's programs are still amazing and can still help you get the results you're after and help you take care of your body in a mind, body, soul connection way that will not only transform you physically but will also ensure you're working in a place of balance and truly being able to live your life!

That's why Tonya has put together the TW VAULT:

What's in the vault?

  • Wild Souled Wellness 
    • 12 months of workouts
    • 8 weeks of yoga
    • Meal plans
    • Recipe Books
  • Flat Belly Formula 
    • One of Tonya's signature programs to help you narrow down your results.
    • 4 weeks of workouts
    • Meal Plan + Recipes
  • Transform Yourself 
    • Another of Tonya's originally designed transformation programs that helped thousands of people transform their physical health 
    • 6 weeks of workouts
    • Meal Plan
    • Recipes
    • Mindset work 
  • Detox & Cleanse 
    • This program is a simple week long detox and cleanse program that will transform your health
    • This program will help you release trapped toxins in your body
    • It will educate you on the benefits of detoxing and why it's so important to your body
  • Emotional Eating Workshop
    • In this workshop Tonya addresses the hot topic of emotional eating and gives you tips and tools to change your life immediately! 
  • Body Image Course
    • In this mini course Tonya helps you identify some of the most limiting beliefs about your body and helps you turn them around. 
  • 50 Shades of Fitness 
    • Our super fun wild woman sexy fitness routine based on some racy run workouts from the hit movie and books - 50 Shades of Grey!
  • TW Fitness Recipe Book & Meal Plan System
    • Using Tonya's original and custom designed meal plans for families who want to eat real food and live life without dieting and restricting 
    • Get results 
    • Get educated 
    • Change your health 
  • 14 Day Lean Mind, Lean Body Program 
    • Another amazing mini program to help you identify limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that hold you back from embracing a fitness lifestyle!

All of these programs together add up to thousands of dollars of coaching and investments. 

Total original investment for all of these programs is over $2000!

But Tonya created the TW VAULT to give you access to *almost* everything she's created.  There's no way she could give you everything because of her more than 10 year fitness career but these are some of the best of her programs that changed thousands of lives.

And now you can access them, forever, from anywhere.  Follow along with workouts, download workouts to take with you, follow meal plans, learn mindset and emotional coaching techniques. 

It's all yours. 


Because it's all sitting here not being used and so many people still reach out and ask for help!

Tonya gets so many messages from former clients who say they were only successful with her programs.  That's because of the realistic approach that creates success!  

Look, the best meal plans to get you "cutting" 50lbs in a short amount of time are not only unhealthy, they are unrealistic to stick to.  Tonya's programs are designed for every day people who want to be healthier and who want to enjoy life and have fun with it all.

It's not all meant to be so serious. 

If you'd like access to everything Tonya has in her TW Fitness Vault - now is your chance to get it.

It's going in the VAULT for just $297.

That's right, just $297 for thousands of dollars worth of coaching programs! 

You can get them all here and start following along and change your life ASAP! 

Tonya is excited to offer these programs and has a message for you:

"Welcome!  TW Fitness was a huge part of my life and I'm so excited and honoured about how many people I met along the journey.  Fitness will always be a huge part of my life and my own journey.  It's a huge coping tool for me in my recovery from eating disorders and finding myself.  I love blowing off steam, feeling my body getting stronger.  And while my career has taken a turn from fitness as my main career, it's something I love dearly and love sharing with others so much. It's still something we share and talk about in my groups, my programs and my wild, because truthfully, we must take care of our body.  It IS the seat o of the soul, afterall.  I'm excited to create and open the Vault for you.  Everyday I'm getting messages from former clients asking if I'll coach or train them in the gym. And while I'm honoured and privilaged that they had so much success with me as their coach and want me to help them, again, this is currently how I'm helping people with their fitness, or in a mindset and emotional behaviour modification program.  I'm so happy to share the Vault with you and I hope you have fun and success working through the programs and courses!  If you are struggling with sticking to a plan or a program, can't seem to find your footing or energy to care about your health, then some of my current coaching programs can help with that.  Feel free to reach out for help if you need it."





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