28 Day Soul Flow

 Tonya Whittle; Wild Souled Wellness is partnering with Kelly Iannelli for an amazing WILD SOUL FLOW 28 day program that will change your flow...

In this 28 Day Soul Flow program you'll get:

🔥Soul Coaching Work from Tonya Whittle

🔥Yoga Practise from Kelly Iannelli 

This program is blending Emotional, Mindset, Body work together in creating a flow for your physical body as well as your soul.

We'll be shifting stuck emotions and beliefs and moving them from your physical body to create change in your life as we move through 4 phases:

🔥Releasing Perfection & Standing in Mindfulness

🔥Belief Systems & Grounding & Releasing

🔥Unpacking Emotions and Connecting to the Light Within

🔥Reclaim Your Power & Find your wings in Possibility

This program is offered 100% online, so you can join us anywhere in the world.

For 28 days we'll connect to your soul through body awareness, yoga practise, and a variety of coaching exercises, including soul journeys, to help you reconnect to you and get your life back in FLOW.

You’ll receive daily instructions, a Facebook group for engagements, QnA’s, Live Coaching and daily motivation from Kelly & Tonya.  All of your work will be inside an online portal so it’s all in 1 place for you.

We’re making this super easy because we know…

Life can be hectic and stressful and we can be pulled in so many directions, it's easy to forget who we are and we want and put everyone else first.

In this 28 Day Soul Flow, we're breaking it down for you in daily to do and checklists for those who love a structure, need some grounding, want to release the heaviness, and reclaim your power through mindfulness, movement and deepen your soul connection.

Fine Print/Specific Details/FAQ's

  • You'll receive a log in for the portal and access to your materials
  • You'll receive a daily email with your soul coaching and yoga flow work for the day 
  • You'll have access to a Facebook group to ask questions, engage with other members,get tips, motivation and extra's!
  • You'll get live coaching and QnA's!

Get registered today and save your spot in this one of a kind SOUL FLOW - life coaching & Yoga program! 



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