Wild Souled Weight Loss!

End the Battle. 

You’re stuck on the weight loss roller coaster, with no way off—no matter what you try. I know where you’re coming from because I’ve been there. From age 8 through my mid-20s, I lost and gained the same 40 pounds so many times I lost count.

Can you relate?

  • You can’t stick to a weight loss plan.
  • There always seems to be something that sidetracks you.
  • You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.
  • From high protein to no-carb, from diet pills to juice cleanses. Nothing works.
  • You know what works, but those cookies keep calling to you.
  • There are too many temptations out there and you can’t seem to say “no.”
  • You just don’t have enough support at home.
  • Your spouse has bad habits and it’s too hard to persuade your kids to eat right.
  • You have “shiny object syndrome,” and are quick to jump on the latest health and fitness bandwagon.
  • When the “newest solution” comes on the market, you jump ship on what you’re doing to try it out.

Your life revolves around your weight and your obsession with it. 

It’s hard. I get it. But quick fixes aren’t the answer, and neither is the self-sabotage or negative messages you keep feeding yourself.

Your goals aren’t too lofty and you do have the time to take care of yourself, once and for all.

But it needs to start with you and your commitment to yourself, that you deserve better, that you deserve to live fully, that you deserve to put this "problem" behind you and embrace your life. 

When I first started working out, I had spent years dieting. I started over every Monday, and sometimes, every day! I was also stuck in the quick-fix diet roller coaster. And I tried everything. I starved myself. I purged. I tried the pills, the fad diets and exercising myself to exhaustion. Everything I tried worked, but only temporarily. Life happened and work got busy.  Something and someone else always came before me.

I’d fall into the same life patterns and then the weight would come back on. Temptation and cockiness all led to my downfall, time and time again.

I always said I'd never go back.  And each time, there I was, back 'there" again. 

It wasn't until I decided to uncover why I constantly obsessed about my weight, why I could never be happy, even when I reached a goal, it was never the satisfaction I craved.  I was afraid of food.  I was exercising all.the.time. I couldn't eat an apple without fear.  All I thought about, talked about and did was weight loss. fitness. body. food.

I was exhausted from it all.  I was cycling in eating disorders and rebounding non stop.  And I was so damn tired of it.  I knew there had to be more to life than dieting and pay the bills until I died.  I wanted more.  I wanted peace and freedom from the never ending battle. 

So I dove.  Deep.  Into the roots of what was causing my disordered thoughts, emotions and patterns around food, exercise.  What I uncovered shocked me.  It had nothing to do food.  It was that I had made food mean.  It was how I coping.  It was how I was punishing myself, hiding who I was, dulling myself, staying and playing small by having conditions and rules that I couldn't ______, until I lost the weight. 

My negative self image, self esteem, self loathing, my negative self talk and my fear of never being good enough were all holding me back. And holding me prisoner to a life that revolved around diets, weight loss, and hating myself. 

I wanted it to be over.  I wanted joy, happiness and to be healthy. After implementing a strategic plan to change how I viewed and approached weight loss, working out and eating healthy, my clothes were falling off. I was never hungry. I was loving hitting the gym and watching my body change! I was actually truly happy for the first time in my life! I was happy while I was working on myself.

Can you imagine? I felt like I had stumbled upon the big dirty secret the diet industry doesn't want us to know.

I had spent a decade of my life believing that my happiness, my health, my fit body that would make me good enough was inside of a diet pill bottle or the next fitness program or the next day of not eating anything and drinking celebrity weight loss juice.

It wasn't.

Unf*cking Yourself is the most important piece. 

Each time I dieted, each time I spoke bad about myself, each time I berated, hated on myself, was disgusted with myself, I lost a piece of myself.  When I did the deep dive, into my mindset, my soul, and my emotions, I was able to find those pieces and bring them back to me.

I was able to remember who I was and what I was capable of. 

You can have the same success!

The deep dive into mindset, emotions, beliefs is the MOST important piece of this. Without it, everything else doesn't have a base and will fall apart, eventually. But you know that right? Because you've been there too. Diet after diet. Monday after Monday. More and more hopelessness, overwhelm and stress because of your weight. You don't go out as much because you're uncomfortable. You don't do the things you once loved to do, because of your weight. Or your perception of your weight.

It's about reclaiming yourself, remembering who you are and what you want and why you're important too!.

In this 3 phase program we will look at:

  • Soul Work 
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness

The most important thing I've learned from my own journey and helping hundreds of other people reach their goals, it's that SOUL WORK is the FIRST stop, not the last one. Many people believe that they'll do it later, when they've got the results because they've joined a program frantically looking for quick results, wanting to get it off NOW. But I know that the most successful transformations start with the SOUL Connection first.

During the program, you will:

  • Learn what's really going on
  • Cut the cords to the past 
  • Change your mindset
  • Clear unhealthy emotional patterns
  • Change your coping tools away from food 
  • Use exercise as a healthy coping tool 
  • Change your belief systems 
  • Change your exercise habits 
  • Change your nutrition habits
  • Gain self confidence
  • Develop self worth 
  • How to identify your roadblocks so you can get results
  • How to reset your mindset and soul connect to reset your metabolism
  • Reclaim your power

Ready to get what you want?

With this amazing program you will get 3 months with me as we work together in a group format online combined with 1:1 Coaching to help you create the life you really want!

During these 3 months we will redefine health, wellness, fitness, nutrition as well as give you back your power in life.

Wild Souled Weight Loss isn't about desperately trying to find that next diet plan that will work to drop the weight. It's about being free from the diet cycles, the yo'yo'ing and about doing what is best for you, authentic for you, so you can be who you were born to be - happy, healthy, vibrant, confident! You'll be in the 4% of people who DO ultimately change their lives and are no longer easy prey for the diet industry; you see right through the false promises, confident in yourself and your ability to show up for yourself.

A wild soul is about having the courage to do the work that's necessary to grow into the person who can get and keep the results you really want. It's about getting back to who you really are, what you want and having the courage to go after it.

What You Get:

Aside from the outcomes and a new weight loss mindset, you’ll receive:

  • 1:1 Emotional & Mindset Coaching (6)
  • Soul Connection Work 
  • Re-patterning behaviours techniques 
  • Group Fitness & Group Nutrition & Group Coaching Call 
  • 24/7 access to the lessons and support via a members portal
  • Group support for homework
  • A Nutrition Phase with education & life style as the main focus
  • A Fitness phase with education & lifestyle as the main focus

And because all change requires support, you'll have the private sessions to work on deeper issues. We will work one-on-one to get through your mindset and emotional struggles and get you on the path to success.

Before you will see real change and growth, you must get your soul, emotions and mindset in the right place. Then, the sky’s the limit on what you can accomplish!

Still have questions? 

1. How much time do I need?

A: This is why we've set it up in 3 phases - so it's not all consuming and you can't have a life or even go to work because you're too overwhelmed with your fitness and meal plans.  We've broken it down into bite size pieces.  You do need to commit to a small amount of time daily for the mindset work and once that takes hold you'll find the rest easier, even if you do need more time!

2.  Will I lose weight?

A: Absolutely!  You will start noticing your shifting mindset will make you want to exercise and eat healthy immediately.  And by the time we really adjust your nutrition and then your exercise, you will actually be blown away by your results and not even feel like it was hard or you were deprived! 

3.  How do I know this will work?

A: Well, you don't really, do you?  That's where courage and faith get married.  This is where you go all in, not knowing the outcome but believing in yourself to show up and do the work.  As you apply the work, the results will come. 

4. How do I know this isn't like everything else?

A: You already know this isn't like anything else you've done because nothing else you've done has talked about addressing how you really feel about yourself, changing your habits and patterns and taking the appropriate time to do it.  Everything else is all about how fast you can get the most results.  Easy Come and Easy Go.  This program isn't for people who are wanting that.  This program is for people who have done all and are done with that and are ready to break the cycle's that have kept you where you are.

5.  What kind of Accountability is there? 

A: Well, it's up to you to show up.  No program can MAKE YOU show up.  It doesn't matter if it's in studio, in person.  Even if I showed up to your house and dragged you through the work, I can't make you actually feel it, apply it.  So it's up to you to show up, follow the plan and follow along with the work.  We will have weekly coaching calls (private or group), daily support in the private group and plenty of 1:1 coaching to ensure you're getting the help you need throughout. 

6.  How Expensive Is This?

A: What's it costing you to stay this way?  The endless diets? The quick fix programs? Your emotional and mental health, your not living...can you really afford NOT to do this? 

Since everyone's valuation of money is different, it's hard to answer that question.  What is expensive for one person might not be for someone else.  The pricing reflects a high value program, with plenty of customization and support.  Payment plans are available. 


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