Andrea Hounsell

I feel lighter, more energized, and most importantly IN CONTROL of my relationship with food.Through working with Tonya, I have dug through painful childhood memories and freed myself of the never ending conversation of “You shouldn’t eat that, ugh – WHY did you eat that? you’re never going to get in shape and feel/look the way you want to”. Now it's more like "I made a whole pot of pasta and only had one bowl!” I have not dieted once. I feel like I have won the lottery and it is all because of this extremely talented, bad ass woman. Oh, and I lost 50 lbs :)

Chrissy Corbett

Tonya was able to give me hope when I was hopeless. I had tried many different forms of positive thinking over the years and nothing really completely helped. Everything always left me feeling like I needed something else. Tonya used a completely different approach, one that I had never experienced before. She was able to help me get to the heart of what was going on and that’s where the real healing started. She was very gentle and patient as well which is also what I needed. When I thought I was closed off to everyone Tonya was able to help me open up again. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Devon Conway

"So many of us women, for many different reasons, are guilty of putting ourselves last and losing parts of our own soul. Working with Tonya has given me the spark back in my life. I have seen a truth about myself I had long since forgotten, feeling directionless and blah from being excited about the future. While I realize there is still work to be done, I have more insight into what it is I need to find deep happiness and inner peace. I know with certainty this is the start of something big for me, a true transformation. If you haven't worked with Tonya, just do it".

Diedre Andrews

"When I first read Tonya's blog posts they resonated with me deep to the core. I just knew she would inspire and motivate me to move through the dark place I was in. I knew a quick fix wasn't for me, that I had things to talk through, emotions that were burried that needed to be brought to the surface, to be felt and to be released. This was work I couldn't do alone, no one should. 
Working with Tonya privately and in group coaching has been amazing. Tonya has helped guide me to see how my past, my behaviors and expectations had shaped who I was. With her help, support, and amazing lessons to work though I was able to heal from a devastating miscarriage and to rebuild a relationship with my oldest child that I felt I had lost due to years of post partum depression and anxiety. Tonya challenges you to be the woman that you know you can be, she helps you see your worth, and supports and guides you with her amazing insight so that you can feel inspired and happy about your life again."

Lisa Stapleton Slaney

"You saved me with hope… that I could possibly move forward with my life and not just survive it, but live it! You provided me with a safe place to talk with no judgement and challenged me to look into who I really was”

Connie Fewer

I had stopped enjoying or living life. With the challenge I became aware of my lack of emotion, I would describe myself as comfortably numb. I functioned on the day to day must do's completing task after task never really doing anything other then exist. I accepted this was just my life. I now know that was giving up and not living life. I lost twelve pounds during that challenge and one clothing size which I am happy with for now. I am most grateful for the day to day changes that have given me back my thirst for life, my voice, my new healthy lifestyle and more importantly me. I believe you were in fact sent to me that day to save me from myself. So I could start living life again. Words cannot ever do justice to how grateful I am for the accountability challenge and you. I have great days, good days and even bad days but I now realize that is okay. It is not the end of the world if I eat somethings I am not suppose to I just have to keep my feelings in check and figure out why. I have changed so much emotionally there are days I am not even sure I recognize the old me. Thank you again and I recommend your program to anyone who feels they are ready for a new healthier lifestyle. It was amazing, wonderfully enlightening and definitely the best money I ever spent. You are such a wonderful support and such an inspiration. Thank you for everything.

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