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Tonya Whittle

Tonya is Founder & Guide at Wild Soul.

Tonya is Founder & Guide at Wild Soul. It was through her own journey of seeking  that she discovered the wild that lives within, the instinctual nature that we all have inside of us that has been conditioned out by modern and mainstream society that has not left room for the human spirit, the soul. 

In her quest for her own healing from childhood trauma, she founded Wild Soul Women, which has now become the Tribe of Wild Soul Women of Wild Soul Living. 

Tonya feeds her fire by helping others find their own. She’s a Wild Soul, a healer, a teacher and a student

As a survivor of childhood trauma, Tonya lives her healing journey every day. Overcoming her fear, self-doubt and soul damage by sharing her journey  is an integral component of her approach to helping others heal. Tonya’s life was spent trying to be enough, to “make something of herself”, living the corporate overwhelm, push, busy and do more life, she found herself burned out, exhausted, unhappy … unpacking her life in reverse led her on deep inner journey that took her from Amazon jungles to high mountain tops, sitting at fires with shamans and in huts with sages, medicine men and women around the world, peak performances coaches, life and business strategists around the world, walking on fire, jumping from things and facing every fear she could find inside herself to awaken deeply to an ancient wisdom that led her home to herself - where she discovered the path our own greatness lives inside of us and we don’t need to go anywhere but in. 

As a Strategic Interventionist and Human Behaviorist, Tonya blends modern techniques with ancient wisdom and traditional healing practices to help clients identify and overcome their emotional blocks and re-pattern unhealthy behavioursAs a sought-after speaker, workshop provider and leader of regional and international retreats, Tonya helps purpose seeking women reconnect with their personal power.

As an author, Tonya shares her passion for and expertise in creating empowered change through her blog, Tonya, Uncensored. Her highly-anticipated first book, Unchained, is currently available on bookshelves around the world. 

Tonya’s professional background is varied with her early career starting in Women’s Shelters, homeless shelters, and working on homelessness initiatives in Canada’s North, with her education in Sociology, Criminology and eventually transitioning to a full time fitness career where her passion for helping people continued As a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist, eventually leading her back to her early pursuits of human behaviour but with a spiritual and soul based twist, further studying Human Behaviour with Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes and Deborah King. She holds a degree in Sociology and English, a diploma in Criminology and is currently studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming and trauma certifications. Tonya has also mentored under several shamans and medicine men and women.  She spends her time updating ancient wisdom for a modern world.

When she’s not helping others, Tonya can be found world travelling, reading ALL the books, exploring the woods with her fellow wild souls, spirit journeys and soul work, romping with her dogs (she’ll romp with yours, too!), and always, always learning.