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Tracy Allen

President and CEO of Wild Group of Companies

Tracy is the President and CEO of Wild Group of Companies. Professional and personal accolades are many for our CEO. Growing up in a turbulent childhood environment made her resistant to change in uncertainty and gave her faith and confidence in herself and her ability to succeed.

However, in 2010 Tracy found herself an unexpected single mother of 3 young girls with little to no support. Her life became about everyone else, just surviving and going through the motions she lost her spark, that fire that was inside, what made her, her. The teachings of Wild Soul Living gave her back that fire, her life, her passion, and helped her reclaim her personal power.

She became a partner in the business because she knew wholeheartedly the world needed these teachings. “I see so many people everyday where I was, I see the impact of these teachings on the people who take the methodologies and adopt them to their everyday lives. I know the world needs and is ready for this”.

Tracy has always had a passion for the wellbeing and protection of people and the environment. Through her post secondary education and growing up as the grand-daughter of a farmer and farming hobbyist herself, she has always had a love for being outside in nature and having her hands in the dirt.

As an occupational health and safety and project manager, she has always supported and guided several organizations to see their projects and visions to support customer and employee health and safety to realities.

In recent years Tracy's focus has been more centered around mental health and ensuring organizational leaders lead a mentally healthy workplace and provide psychologically safe work environments for their workers.

Tracy's background in adult and post-secondary education has positioned her well to assist in the development and delivery of online and in person educational programs that are geared towards the adult learner.

She has spoken and presented at many conferences, and events provincially and nationally and is available for speaking engagements.

When Tracy isn’t wearing her CEO hat, she can be found doing something with or for one of her 3 girls, her 2 adorable puppies, world travelling or something health and wellness related like hiking in the outdoors, working out, biohacking her health, reading, spiritually connecting or maybe siping her favourite vino.