Tribe, Unchained

It's a Revolution. A practise, not a product. A habit, not an event. 

Personal & Professional Development for the wild ones, the free spirits, the untameable ones, the ones who have always known they were born for more... 

But life hasn't been fair... it's asked too much, handed out some difficult hands, and you've forgotten what you're capable of, what's possible, who you are, gotten lost along the way... 

Do You Ever Feel

Like there must be more to life than "this?" Or like a hamster in a cage, going round and round, creating the same habits, the same mistakes and winding up "here" again?

Like you want something different for your life but you're not sure where to begin or how it's even possible?

Trapped?  Uncertain of who you are or what's the next right move?

Do you live in fear, worry or doubt all the time? 

Are you tired? Soul tired? Exhausted, lonely, no sense of belonging, lost?

Do you spend too much time in your head, thinking yourself into overwhelm, anxiety, fear, frustration? 

Do you feel numb, disconnected from life?  Or do you feel too much, every little thing feels personal? 

You're not alone. 

That's why I created the Tribe. For women who are feeling lost, alone, uncertain but yet, somewhere inside is a spark of knowing, that you were born for more.  That there IS more than you've been experiencing.  

The tribe, unchained is for women who have forgotten who they are, how powerful, amazing and beautiful they are.  

Life happened.  It does that.  But we make it mean a lot about ourselves and what's possible for us.

But what if you could flip the script, reach your goals, change the story and really feel alive and be in your life, not watching your life?  

What if you could get back to YOU. The you that you remember. The you that you know you are really. 

That's what we do in the Tribe - unchain you from the past, negative beliefs, overthinking, drama, victimhood and turn those into stepping stones to the woman you are really!

Because you feel it, don't you?  That it can be different but you don't know how to make it so, you don't know where to start... Start here... with in the tribe.  

Let me guide you on a journey of self discovery, personal power and reclaiming the REAL you that lays underneath all the baggage that weighs you down. 


What's Included:

Modules & Training on 4 Critical Area's of Inner Development to change Your Outer World.


Mindset, how you think, perception, and the meaning you give things is critical to your outlook on yourself, life and your success. 


Learning to feel, all of your emotions, uncovering the hidden meaning, unpacking your experiences and taking back your power will change everything. 


Your body is the seat of your soul & your health is critical to your mindset, emotions and soul connection. Master your physical, once and for all. 


Connect to your inner wild woman, the part of you that knows, your intuition.  Access ancient wisdom and explore the world within that is connected to everything. 

Monthly Frameworks 

Each month you receive a framework in mind, body, emotions or soul, complete with video's, coaching calls, downloadable worksheets to help you discover, uncover, learn, grow and implement what you're learning. 

Monthly Coaching Calls 

Each month you'll be invited to a live coaching call (recorded & saved for your access anytime!) complete with hot seats, interventions, QnA's to help you deepen what you've learned. 

Learning Portal/Library

We're always adding new content and you have access to everything in one place.  Just log in and access hundreds of programs, lessons, masterclasses, and more. You don't even need to put pants on. 


Social Media/Community 

Belonging and working in like minded communities is critical to success.  Who is in your boat matters. The tribe is a place where you feel supported and understood by others on a similar journey to inner wildness and exterior greatness. 

Daily Motivation, Private Blogs, Special Events 

As a valued member of the community you get access to members only content like blogs, special events and daily connection, inspiration, trainings, and teachings. 

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  • Monthly Frameworks & Trainings 
  • Coaching Calls
  • Learning Portal/Library
  • Social Media + Community
  • Daily Motivation, Private Blogs & Special Events 
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  • Monthly Frameworks & Trainings 
  • Coaching Calls
  • Learning Portal/Library
  • Social Media + Community
  • Daily Motivation, Private Blogs & Special Events 
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"Tonya led me to the fire, welcomed me in, and then blew my mind. With her help and guidance I was awakened to many of the truths and realities of my inner world at that time — what was holding me back, what I’d shoved down into the darkness and was too afraid to look into alone, and most importantly what was possible. I never knew such levels of insight until Tonya came into my life and helped me tear down the barriers that kept the world out and kept me hidden inside, safe but alone.... "

Jennifer Kirby
Wild Woman!

"I just wanted to take some time to thank you for all that you’ve taught me. I am so thankful for the guidance on my journey... You helped me move past my trauma. You helped me shine a light on the darkest parts of my soul and embrace all that I am. You helped me see the person I am meant to become... I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you!"

Jen White
Wild Woman!

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Included are daily inspiration, live calls, QnA's, masterminds, coaching series, VIP events all available 24/7 online.

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Yearly memberships can be cancelled at the end of the year period. 

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Absolutely!  Tonya is inside the portal all the time.  Just tag her or email her and she'll get back to you!

All members qualify for a 30 min power call every quarter (3 months).  If you'd like extra private coaching or power calls you can book them using your private and discounted link inside the portal! 


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