Woman, Unleashed

Expanded Edition

Discover the power that lives within you.

August 1, 2020

Signature1Day Event Sunrise to Sunset






A Live, IMMERSIVE Experience To AWAKEN

The WILD WOMAN within


Do You Ever...

Feel Unfulfilled?

Feel like you are treading water?

Feel Uninspired, like you have lost your passion for life? 

Feel Like something Is missing?

Feel like you have hit a plateau?

Feel like you are adjusting your needs for others?

Want more?

Want to live with more purpose?

Want to remember who you are and what you are capable of?


Do you want to feel excited and hunger for more?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Woman, Unleashed is for you!

At Woman Unleashed we clear the path and reignite the fire within

This event is about unleashing your human spirit by unlocking your passion and reigniting the fire within.  Tonya weaves a powerful experience that will inspire and motivate you to unapologically create the life you desire.

There is no singular prescription for empowerment. But inside each woman is a desire to grow, to thrive.

Life has a way of helping us down and before we know it your raging fires, your passion and purpose are distant memories as your too full plate is overflowing as your goals and dreams turn to getting through the days. 

But, there, somewhere inside of you is still a passionate, fierce, powerhouse of a woman.

During our Woman, Unleashed Live event we're going to find her so you can remember just how powerful, amazing, and fearless you really are. 

What You Can Expect: 

Starting at sunrise for 6AM hike (8KM easy-moderate). Followed by workshops and coaching in an interactive environment, finishing with a special ceremony (never  before offered outside of 1:1 clients).

As this experience is woven together, each piece building on the next, it is an immersive experience that encompasses mind, body, emotions and reclaiming the soul as we move through workshops that help us:

  • Identify blocks 
  • Release emotions and experiences that hold you back
  • Awaken your deepest desires
  • Unleash the wild soul that lives within you 
  • The day will be woven together with extraordinary experiences, movement practises, meditation, empowerment workshops, interventions, hot seats, coaching and so much more! 

This is not a product, it's a practise. Inside each woman is a desire to grow and thrive and we offer a unique opportunity to recharge and reclaim your passion, your courage, and your strength.

When you leave this event you will feel more aligned with who you are, who you know yourself to be, peaceful, excited, calm, empowered, passionate, understanding more about yourself and other women, the world and you will be awakened to a powerful wisdom and medicine that lives with you that will transform how you live, parent and work.

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Stop settling.  Your new life awaits you.




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